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An AICD graduate proudly
finishes one of his projects
- a perfect 20 inch sphere -
Student ice carver
Student Ice Gallery
Student Food Gallery Germain's Gallery

AICD Student Food Carving Project Gallery

Below are actual student projects taught by Paul Germain and our Adjunct Instructors, Chef Ray Duey, and Chef Jimmy Zhang in the AICD studio.

We have an amazing variety of incredible, yet practical design techniques for Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, and Chef garde Mangers!

Be sure to read what chefs and career ice carvers have shared about their experience at AICD.

AICD is world those who value the best.

Christ squash.fruit bouqet.fancy basket

parrot veggie carving.veggie flowers.honeydew carving

fruit caraving.vegetable carving.vegetable carving

fruit carving.fruit carving

vegetable carving.fruit carving

vegetable carving.vegetable carving

fruit display.

melon 1.melon 2

melon 3.melon 4

.melon web


fruit veggie carving



carrot bird

flower1.flower 2

cantelope flower.squash flower

spider flower.carrot flower

fennel flower.radish flower

squash bird.carrot net

mango carving

fruit bouqet

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